Global Group of Institutes in Amritsar is recognized as a leading centre of higher education in Punjab, North India. Our NAAC Grade A+ accreditation reflects our commitment to academic excellence and innovative learning. Distinguished by our numerous awards, highly qualified faculty, and advanced infrastructure, we offer a learning experience that is both comprehensive and contemporary. We focus on bridging academic theory with practical industry skills, ensuring our students are well-prepared for their future careers.


Global Group of Institutes proudly holds the NAAC Grade A+ Accreditation (2022-27), reflecting our dedication to superior academic standards. Additionally, our B.Tech Mechanical Engineering program was NBA Accredited(2016-2019), underscoring our commitment to technical education excellence.

These recognition affirm our continuous pursuit of academic and professional distinction.

2. Awards and Recognitions

Global Group of Institutes has been recognized for its commitment to excellence in education through numerous prestigious awards and honours. These accolades, awarded by esteemed organisations and at notable events, underscore our dedication to providing outstanding academic programs and preparing students for successful futures.



3.Visionary Leadership at Global Institutes

At Global Institutes, we’re guided by a board of visionary and highly qualified academicians and professionals. Our Chairman, Dr. B S Chandi, an eminent agricultural scientist with over three decades of research experience, leads with a commitment to innovation and progress. He is joined by Dr. Akashdeep Singh, Vice Chairman, a Harvard Business School alumnus, who brings a rich blend of academic and practical expertise, including a B.Tech from Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College and an MBA and Ph.D. from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar.


Notable members of our governing board include Dr. B P Singh, former Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department at IIT Kanpur; Sh. K K Sharma, Head of Network Operations at Videocon; and Mr. R B Madhekar, Senior Advisor at Maruti Udyog. Together, they bring diverse expertise, enriching the guiding philosophy of Global Institutes.

4. Top Placements at Global Group of Institutes

Global Institutes is Bridging Academia and Industry –

At Global Group of Institutes, our Training and Placement Department is a cornerstone of our commitment to student success. Established as a key facilitator for bridging the gap between academic education and industry requirements, this department has a proven track record of securing prestigious placements for our students in leading corporations.

Corporate Collaborations and Student Development  – 

        Notable Placements – Our graduates have been placed in esteemed companies such as BYJU’s, Extramarks, Vedantu, TCS, Wipro, HCL Technologies, Infosys, and many more.

        Comprehensive Training – Focused on enhancing employability skills through specialised programs in Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Personality Development, Communication, and Interview Skills.

        Industry Exposure – Regular industrial visits, workshops, and seminars led by industry experts, ensuring students gain practical insights into the corporate world.

       Career Guidance and Support – Dedicated team led by Lt. Col. Sudhir Bahel (Dean of Training and Placements) and Er. Bikram Pal Singh (Deputy Dean of Training and       Placements), offering personalised mentorship and career counselling.

With a vision to nurture multi-talented, technically competent young professionals and a mission to train students to meet industry demands, our Training and Placement department is a vital link in shaping successful careers and contributing to a vibrant India.



5. Academic Excellence at Global Group of Institutes

Global Group of Institutes, since its inception in 2008, has set a benchmark in academic excellence in Amritsar and across the region. Our commitment to high academic standards is reflected in the remarkable achievements of our students –

  • University Gold Medalists – We proudly boast of having 24 University Gold Medalists across diverse disciplines such as B.Tech (CSE, IT, ME), MCA, MBA, BHMCT, BTTM, B.Pharmacy, B.Sc (MLS), and BSc Agriculture. This outstanding success underscores our commitment to nurturing the next generation of technocrats and business leaders.
  •  University Toppers and Merit Positions – With over 120+ University Toppers and 600+ University Merit positions, our students have continuously excelled in the        examinations of Punjab Technical University. This achievement not only sets a high benchmark within the state but also contributes significantly to the academic prestige of Amritsar.
  • Industry-Relevant Certifications – Demonstrating our commitment to practical, industry-aligned skills, 52 of our students have successfully attained IBM DB2 Certifications under the IBM Academic Initiative Program.

 Our students’ achievements reflect our steadfast focus on developing well-rounded, industry-prepared professionals. Global Institutes is committed to fostering an environment       where young minds are encouraged to reach their full potential, contributing significantly to nation-building. 

120+ University Toppers 600+ University Merit positions

It is rare achievement for the city of Amritsar – Since the inception of Global Institutes in 2008, The institute has created history by capturing the top position in University examination of Punjab Technical University.

6. Global Group of Institutes Alumni Reflections

At Global Group of Institutes, we take immense pride in our alumni, who have made remarkable strides in diverse fields ranging from defence to corporate leadership. Pioneers like Mohana Singh, India’s first female fighter pilot, and esteemed professionals in top corporations like LG Soft and Oracle,who demonstrate the excellence of our educational programs. Their success stories, rich in leadership and innovation, are a testament to the transformative impact of our institution.

Listen to the inspiring journeys of our graduates, showcasing how our institute has been a cornerstone for personal and professional transformation.

7.World-Class Infrastructure at Global Group of Institutes

At Global Group of Institutes, our state-of-the-art infrastructure is designed to provide an unparalleled educational experience, attracting students who seek both academic rigour and a vibrant campus life –

  • Horse Riding Club – As the first educational institute in the region to introduce a Horse Riding Club, we offer unparalleled opportunities for equestrian training and development. This unique initiative, featuring Thoroughbred horses and specialised training sessions, reflects our commitment to diverse and holistic student experiences.
  • AC Classrooms & Hi-Tech Labs – The campus, stretching over 25 lush acres, houses 65 state-of-the-art Lecture Theatres, 21 Computer Labs, 25 Engineering Labs, and 15 Pharmacy/Medical Science Labs. Each space is designed to facilitate an immersive and interactive learning environment.
  • Central Library – Our library, built to international standards, is equipped with more than 50,000 books, national and international journals,e-books and NPTEL videos, ensuring comprehensive academic support for our students.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled Campus – In line with digital advancement, our entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled, ensuring students and faculty are always connected to global educational resources.
  • Noam Chomsky Communication Skills Lab – Dedicated to enhancing communication and presentation skills, this lab is an integral part of our focus on building essential soft skills for the professional world.
  • Modern Hostels – Global Institutes’ hostels offer amenities like independent balconies, desert coolers, and hot water geysers, ensuring a comfortable and focused environment, allowing students to concentrate on their academics.
  • Food Court – Global Institutes boasts a spacious, ultra-modern food court with ergonomic design, ample lighting, and efficient air-cooling. Offering a hygienic dining environment, it serves a variety of cuisines including Punjabi, South Indian, Thai, Chinese, Italian, and Continental, all at competitive prices.
  • Sports Facilities – Global Institutes features top-tier sports amenities, including a world-class basketball court, cricket ground, and facilities for football, badminton, volleyball, athletics, and various indoor games, fostering a vibrant and active campus life.
  • Hi-Tech Auditorium – Acoustically designed auditorium, a hub for cultural and academic events, features advanced sound systems and luxurious seating, making it an ideal venue for performances and seminars.





Modern Hostel
Food Court
Sports Ground

Wall Climbing Machine

Our Students of ECE Department launched new website of Robotics Club and Hand Gestures Based Small Wheel Chair (www.gimetasr.roboticsclub.net)

8. Industrial Visits 

Our curriculum at Global Group of Institutes is enriched with regular industrial visits, connecting students to the corporate world. They gain firsthand insights from top companies like Infosys, Reliance, and Hero Cycles, enhancing their understanding of industry operations. These visits complement academic studies, providing a practical perspective that equips students for the professional environment.

9. Guest Lectures

At Global Group of Institutes, we recognize the importance of integrating real-world expertise into our academic environment. Our guest lecture series, along with insightful workshops and conferences,featuring accomplished professionals and renowned academicians, plays a pivotal role in enhancing our students’ educational journey. These experts bring with them a wealth of knowledge and practical experience, offering students a unique perspective that goes beyond textbooks and classroom learning. This exposure not only broadens their understanding of current industry practices but also equips them with the critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to excel in their future careers.

  • The International Conference on Communication, Information & Computing Technology (ICCICT-15) brought together esteemed experts to discuss the latest in tech innovations, offering a platform for global knowledge exchange.
  • Our National Conference on Inter-Disciplinary Research in Engineering, Technology & Management featured talks by Mr. Ranjan Vasisht of Maruti Suzuki, Dr. S.P. Singh, and Dr. Ajay Gupta from NIT Jalandhar, blending industry insights with academic perspectives.
  • Mr. Mukul Sharma from Tata Consultancy Services, USA, led a captivating lecture on Technology Enabled Business Transformation, highlighting the intersection of technology and business strategy.
  • The Network Simulator-2 workshop, guided by Mr. Umesh Yadav, Vimal Dixit, and Mr. Ashwani from NEX-G Institute, Noida, provided practical training in advanced network technologies.
  • Dr. M.K. Tiwari from IIT-Kharagpur delivered a seminar on innovative Research Initiatives in Engineering Education, exploring new frontiers in engineering academia.


  • The International Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing & Operations Management, a joint effort by Global Institutes and the University of Mauritius, showcased research from over 100 delegates, fostering an international academic community.


  • A series of expert lectures from Dr. Debkumar Chakrabarty and Dr. B M Arora of IIT, Mr. Tejinder Aulakh from INTEL, USA, and others provided insights into current trends and future challenges in various engineering and management fields.

10. Foreign Tie-Ups and Cultural Exchange at Global Institutes

At Global Group of Institutes, we take pride in cultivating a dynamic international community, underpinned by strategic partnerships with prestigious universities from Jacksonville State University to Arkansas State University. These collaborations offer our students expansive global learning opportunities –

Diverse Academic Programs – Students can benefit from exchange programs such as 2+2 arrangements in Business Management and Engineering, allowing them to experience education both at home and abroad.

Summer Camps and Internships – Specialised summer camps, including visits to NASA, and internships ranging from 2 to 4 months provide practical, international exposure in various fields.

Cross-Cultural Interaction – Our campus regularly welcomes foreign delegates, enriching the academic experience with cross-cultural learning and networking opportunities.

Accelerated Degree Options – Our innovative, time-efficient combined BBA + MBA program is meticulously designed to fast-track students into the international business arena.

Certificate Programs – We offer certificate programs in innovative engineering disciplines, aligning with international standards and practices.

Global Group of Institutes is committed to providing students with an education that transcends geographical boundaries, preparing them for successful careers on an international scale.

11.Achievements in Extracurriculars, Sports and Innovation

At Global Group of Institutes, excellence is multifaceted. Our students have consistently achieved national acclaim, whether it’s in competitive sports, innovative technological endeavours, or cultural festivals. Our commitment to fostering well-rounded development is evident in our string of notable successes – from securing trophies in inter-college basketball tournaments to leading in technological innovation and making a mark in national cultural events.

  • Global Institutes’ exceptional performance at the ISTE Students’ Convention Minerva-2012 in Ropar, clinching the Overall Trophy four times in technical and cultural events.

  • Dominating the National Techno Cultural Fest Udaan, our students secured the Overall Trophy three times, reflecting excellence in diverse cultural and technical skills.

  • Achievement at the National Cultural Fest Utkansh – 2014 at NIT Jalandhar, where Global Institutes’ students excelled, adding laurels to the institute’s reputation.

  • Global Institutes’ Basketball team emerged as champions in the Men’s category at the PTU Inter College Basketball Tournament-2013.

  • Global Institutes’ students showcase exceptional innovation in vehicle design, winning accolades for their ‘Off Road AT vehicle’ and ‘On Road SUPRA vehicle’ at the National Level Auto Expo at NIT, Jalandhar.

  • ECE Department students at Global Institutes break new ground with the launch of a Robotics Club website and development of a Hand Gesture-Based Small Wheelchair, exemplifying cutting-edge tech application.

  • Students from Global Institutes triumph at IIT Roorkee’s SANKALP festival, securing first place in Group Dance and Nukkad Natak, demonstrating excellence in performing arts.

  • Global Group of Institutes students shine at the Thomso Cultural Fest at IIT Roorkee, winning second prize in Thomso’s Got Talent and singing competitions, showcasing their artistic talents on a national stage.
Four Times Winners of Overall Trophy at National Level ISTE Students’ Convention Minerva-2012 held at Ropar in Technical and Cultural Events.
Global Students Awarded for Developing Innovative Vehicles
Global Students Awarded for Developing Innovative Vehicles
Three Times Winners of Overall Trophy at National Level Techno Cultural Fest Udaan.
Three Times Winners of Overall Trophy at National Level Techno Cultural Fest Udaan
Students of Global Group of Institutes, Amritsar brought Laurels from National Level Cultural Fest Utkansh – 2014 held at National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar.
Laurels from National Level Cultural Fest Utkansh – 2014
The Basketball team of Global Group of Institutes has brought laurels to the Holy City of Amritsar as they have been declared champions in the Men’s category of Punjab Technical University (PTU) – Inter College Basketball Tournament-2013.
Inter College Basketball Tournament 2013