Department of Management Studies

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

 At Global Institute of Management, our focus is on developing future managers with sound knowledge of fundamentals so that they can successfully enter the most competitive business world. About 70% of MBA graduates worldwide are senior managers or board directors. After MBA, you become part of great network of professionals and the companies around the world and your chances of obtaining and holding high level management position increase. At Global Institutes, our aim is to promote excellence in management education and to prepare young students to meet the challenges of the developing corporate world.

The students doing MBA at Global Institutes (GI) have unique advantage of studying one year at GI and second year at the University of North Alabama (UNA) USA, subsequently final degree is awarded by UNA.

Blended Learning Methodology at Global Institutes

Classroom Pedagogy Beyond Classrooms
Power Point Presentation, Audio visual Aids, Case studies, Management Games, Role play, Guest Lectures, Quiz, Group Discussion, Add Mad Show, Add Making Show, Extempore, Debate, Simulations, Group Activities, Mentoring and Coaching. Live Projects, Research Based projects, Student Exchange Programs, Internship Program, Seminars and Conferences, Industrial Visits, Special Workshops, Learning Exchange Programs, Management Fest.

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

  • Duration : 2 Years (4 Semester) Regular Programme
  • The Institute is affiliated to IKG Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar
  • It is Approved by AICTE, New Delhi/Punjab Govt.

Eligibility: Bachelor Degree of minimum 3 years in any discipline from UGC approved University. In the First Year ( two semesters), a student is exposed to all facets of management. At the end of the first year (2nd semester) students are required to undergo industrial training for two months. In the second year 3rd( 2 Major +2 Minor) 4TH Semester (4 Major) there are three specialized branches for the Students

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resources (HR)
Total Number of Seats: 120


Master in Business Administration is the most sought-after post graduate degree in the world. The essence of management education is to train the students for managerial positions. Being a professional qualification, MBA ‘adds’ to an individual’s skills and knowledge. The ‘MBA experience’ is a foundation for undertaking leadership roles throughout an individual’s career. Final research project: MBA students are required to develop a final research project. The final research project provides an opportunity for students to integrate and apply the knowledge they have gained in their MBA programme by demonstrating the ability to design a real micro business research report.
Specializations Offered in MBA: In first year, a student is exposed to all facets of management.
There are four options for all students for selecting specialization in the following areas:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resources (HR)

The students have to adopt dual specialization. At the end of second semester students are required to undergo industrial training for 45 days.

Our MBA Alumni have been hired as top-level managers y state owned companies, multinational companies and also private enterprises.

After the successful completion of MBA, students will be able to get an understanding in the various areas of Business and Industry and the qualities that are needed for the relevant functioning of diverse types of organizations and also to analyze the operating environment within the organizations. After completing MBA, students will have a large number of job opportunities in the business world especially in public and private organizations. These graduates can be employed in Government jobs, Business enterprises, MNCs, Retail sector, Banking industry, FMCG etc.


The backbone of personality development, besides the regular curriculum, is the association of MBA clubs. These clubs encompass a systematic series of events which help the students to surface as individuals based on their respective performances.
The following clubs are actively functioning in the MBA Department:-

Marketing Club

The marketing club provides a platform for budding managers to hone their marketing skills and involve in creative activities such as advertisement making, conducting market surveys & analyses and organize events like marketing exhibitions.

Finance Club

This club strives to satisfy the appetite of the students for knowledge in the field of capital market, money market, investment planning and portfolio management service. This is carried out by conducting lectures, group discussions and various interactive sessions. The principle activity of this club is to expose the students to equity market’s technical and fundamental analysis through a virtual stock market.

HR Club

The HR club provides exposure for extrovert MBA students to enhance their interactive skills and give the introvert students, a fair and comfortable, opportunity to participate in numerous extra-curricular activities and surface their outgoing self. This club operates by conducting mock interviews so as to spread awareness about the realistic process of a company interview.

Some of the major activities that are carried out by MBA clubs every year are

Mock Interview

Collectively organized by all the existent clubs, the mock interviews witnesses an enthusiastic participation from students. This process helps the students to get a feel of the grilling interview process, starting from the resume submission stage to the final stage of selection. This cognitive operation revealed both, positive and negative, points of every student by a strenuous grading system and hence making them aware of areas to improve. The supervision of the faculty members ensures a fair and copybook style event. Business quiz
A brainstorming cum review of latest who’s in business & economic situation is provided by business quiz which is organized by the second year students for one and all. It urges the new students to identify and search for business information in all spheres.

Debate Competition

Debate competition is organized for the students of management to enhance their debating skills.

The Management Fest -FACE OFF

Global Institutes of Management organizes one day Management Fest – Face Off every year in which a number of competitions are held such as Ad-Mad Show, Collage Making, Business Quiz, Brand Rangoli, Caption Contest etc. The winners are given trophies and certificates.

Abhijeet Sharma ( British Telecom Ltd) MBA Batch 2014-2016 My overall experience at Global Institutes has been great as I got placed in British Telecom Ltd through Training and Placement Cell of the Global Institutes. The management faculty is Energetic, Motivating and Knowledgeable. It not only enhanced my skills but also developed my overall personality. I had an amazing experience in this Management Institute and felt blessed to be a part of this campus.
Srishty Raj ( Khanna Paper Mill) MBA Batch 2014-2016 Being a student of MBA at Global Institutes was an extremely rewarding and enriching experience. The Faculty of Global Institutes is very encouraging and their support helped me to achieve good results both academically and professionally. Guidance provided by the Training and Placement Cell helped me to polish my skills due to which I got a start in HR field. I got a job in Khanna Paper Mills Ltd for which I am grateful to faculty, staff and management of Global Institutes.
Mohit Dhawan ( Capital Via) MBA Batch 2014-2016 Getting placed at a salary package of Rs.4.07 Lacs in Capital Via Company through Global Institutes has given a boost to my career and also enhanced my confidence as well as my personality. I am sure that Global Institute of Management which is already the bestm, will become the topmost Management Institute in the days to come.
Mohit Sharma (HDFC Bank) MBA Batch 2014-2016 Global Institutes have given me a platform to polish my skills. The faculty, staff and management are all very helpful to the students. The college keeps on motivating the students to enhance their skills and make them employable for the industry. I am proud to be a part of Global Institutes.
Rabia Arora (British Telecom Ltd) MBA Batch 2014-2016 Regular industrial visits and guest lectures from industry experts are organized at Global Institutes. All the classrooms have AC, LCD Projectors and are well illuminated. The classroom teaching is based on content utility value and current developments. All the teachers inspire the students to develop their full potential. I am proud to be a product of this esteemed Institute.
Sulabh Mehra (Yes Bank ) MBA Batch 2014-2016 Global Institute of Management has provided me everything like good learning environment, quality education and also got me placed in Yes Bank. It was because of this fact that the entire management faculty was very cooperative and helpful. The institute provides a conducive environment for the overall growth of one’s personality. Thanks Global for shaping my career.
Nabeela ( HDFC Bank) MBA Batch 2014-2016 About college I have only great things to say. I can speak with confidence and immense happiness that my life is truly changed by the quality education and knowledge that I gained from Global Institutes through the great eminent teachers and inspiring colleagues. Thanks Global for comletely chnagimg my life
Rishabh (HDFC Bank) MBA Batch 2014-2016 Global Institute has not only provided knowledge to me but also gave me exposure to various extra-curricular activities. I am proud to say that I am an alumni of the GIM because of the quality education and all other facilities provided by this college. My experience in these two years was tremendous. I almost remember each and every moment of my college life. I feel overwhelmed to get a chance to be a part of GIM.. I express my respect and gratitude to all my teachers
Varinder Mahajan ( British Telecom) MBA Batch 2014-2016 It was a wonderful experience of my college life. I have learned a lot of things here, which I feel no other institute would have given to me. The teacher here are very supporting and they always supported and motivated me for learning new things. I am very glad to be a part of this great temple of learning..
Lovepreet Singh ( HDFC Bank) MBA Batch 2014-2016 I build up my knowledge, personality, thoughts, and presence of mind during this 2 year journey at Global Institutes. I not only got a chance to excel in studies but also got an opportunity to develop my personality in all spheres. Above all, the teachers of Global Institutes are not just cooperating, but caring too.