B.Sc (Anesthesia & Operation Theatre Technology)

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Anaesthesia and Operation Theatre Technology is a graduate course that involves the study of the concepts and principles of the physical and chemical agents, chemical composition, techniques, equipment, and dosage of anesthesia required during medical and surgical operations directed by healthcare physicians. Special training about the methods and different doses of anesthesia to be administered is provided to ensure that candidates demonstrate accuracy, precision, and attention to detail.

BSc Anaesthesia and Operation Theatre Technology also involve the study of the concepts and principles of the functioning, management, and maintenance of the operation theatre. Special training related to monitoring and observation of patients and sterilization of surgical equipment is provided to ensure that candidates demonstrate accuracy, hygiene, precision, and attention to detail. Skills like responsibility, accuracy, decision-making, and teamwork are enhanced through the course.



To be an institution of excellence in the domain of higher technical education that serves as the fountainhead for nurturing the future leaders of technology and techno- innovation responsible for the techno-economic, social, cultural and environmental prosperity of the people of the State of Punjab, the Nation and the World.


To provide seamless education through the pioneering use of technology, in partnership with industry and society with a view to promote research, discovery and entrepreneurship and to prepare its students to be responsible citizens of the world and the leaders of technology and techno-innovation of the 21st Century by developing in them the desirable knowledge, skill and attitudes base for the world of work and by instilling in them a culture for seamlessness in all facets of life.


All those candidates who have passed the 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Biologyconducted by a recognized Board / University / Council can apply for admission to this course.


The course shall be three years, with semester system (6 semesters, with two semesters in a year). The Choice based credit system will be applicable to all the semesters.



  • To offer globally-relevant, industry-linked, research-focused, technology- enabled seamless education at the graduate, postgraduate and research levels in various areas of engineering & technology and applied sciences keeping in mind that the manpower so spawned is excellent in quality, is relevant to the global technological needs, is motivated to give its best and is committed to the growth of the Nation.
  • To foster the creation of new and relevant technologies and to transfer them to industry for effective utilization.
  • To participate in the planning and solving of engineering and managerial problems of relevance to global industry and to society at large by conducting basic and applied research in the areas of technologies.
  • To develop and conduct continuing education programs for practicing engineers and managers with a view to update their fundamental knowledge base and problem-solving capabilities in the various areas of core competence of the University.
  • To develop strong collaborative and cooperative links with private and public sector industries andgovernment user departments through various avenues such as undertaking of consultancy projects, conducting of collaborative applied research projects, manpower development programs in cutting-edge areas of technology etc.
  • To develop comprehensive linkages with premier academic and research institutions within the country and abroad for mutual benefit;
  • To provide leadership in laboratory planning and in the development of instructional resource material in the conventional as well as in the audio- visual, the video and computer-based modes;
  • To develop programs for faculty growth and development both for its own faculty as well as for the faculty of other engineering and technology institutions;
  • To anticipate the global technological needs and to plan and prepare to cater to them;
  • To interact and participate with the community/society at large with a view to inculcate in them a feel for scientific and technological thought and endeavour.
  • To actively participate in the technological development of the State of Punjab through the undertaking of community development programs including training and education programs catering to the needs of the unorganized sector as well as that of the economically and socially weaker sections of society



PO1:Have a lifelong knowledge of Anaesthesia, Surgery & all the Equipments used in it along with basic knowledge of applied science.

PO2:Anaesthesia & Surgical Technicians/Assistants will work in Operation Theatres, ICUs etc. along with Anesthetists and Surgeons & thus will be having a great & Important role in healthcare.

PO3:After completion students can go for higher studies such as Masters in same stream or any other relevant streams as well.

PO4:This Program will build technical knowledge in the student so that he/she will be able to assist an Anesthetist/Surgeon in every aspect of Anaesthesia, Surgery & other related fields.

PO5:Engage in lifelong learning and adapt to changing professional and societal needs.

PO6:This Program can do an overall development of the student to be able to have all the technical aspects about Anaesthesia, Surgery along with their advanced knowledge.



PSO1: Students will be competent to work in Hospital Operation Theatres, Critical Care Units and Emergency sections.

PSO2: Students will be skilled in problem solving, critical thinking and will be able to assist the Surgeon or Anesthetist.

PSO3: The students will acquire in-depth knowledge of Anesthesia, Surgery, Critical care and pain Management.

PSO4: Students will be able to have all the relevant knowledge of Anesthesia & Surgery and will be able to do various procedures required.

PSO5: This Program will create a great source of manpower which can aid in our health sector especially in Trauma, Emergency, ICU & Operation Theatres.

PSO6: Students will be able to explore new areas of research in both Anesthesia & Surgery and can also go for higher studies.

PSO7:Students will be able to integrate knowledge of various types of Surgical Procedures & Anesthetic procedures along with their in-depth knowledge.


PEO1:Those who choose this stream are going to study about Anaesthesia & Surgical Equipments, Critical Care, Pain Management etc.

PEO2:Ability to analyse, Monitor & give care to a Surgical/Anaesthetized patient.

PEO3: Understand the fundamentals and applications of Anaesthesia, Surgical & Critical Care Equipments.

PEO4: Ability to Assist an Anaesthesiologist through General or Regional Anaesthesia.

PEO5: Ability to have knowledge of BLS & ACLS and ability to deliver it whenever required.

PEO6: Able to detect any Changes in patient’s physiological status & able to tackle all types of Complications.

PEO7: Learn and Understand different Anesthetic & Surgical Procedures & their benefits as well as complications.

PEO8: Ability to Assist the Surgeon throughout Surgery & other important procedures.

“Department of Radiology Imaging and Technology organized a visit to “ HARDAS HOSPITAL ”, located at circular road Amritsar on 4th APRIL 2023.”

During the visit students visited different departments of Radiology and gained knowledge of different techniques with their operational method such as X-RAYS.
The department of radiology was very well established and was well equipped with all necessary accessories.
All the staff members were highly qualified and were very cooperative and they answered all the queries of the students.
Students were very enthusiastic for their educational trip and participated in the practical work by operating the X-Ray machine themselves under the supervision of technician. Students were guided about the machine by operating it on the actual patients and they did it successfully.
The students also learnt about reading of the X- RAY report of the patients.
The students were accompanied by Ms Quharat & Mr Shamsher Singh
The tour to the “HARDAS HOSPITAL” enhanced the practical skills of the students and all of them were fully satisfied.

“MLS / OTT /RIT Department Organized the “ *Blind Artist ” Activity on 23rd Feb. 2022 in Pharmacy Department.”

In this activity ,One player is given a picture of an object or word. The person doesn’t know what it is and he has to describe the image using words that will help in identifying the object. The other person draws the object on the basis of the verbal description given and their own guess work.
It was very intertesting and brain storming activity.
At the end the following winners were awarded certificates :
1.Amandeep Kaur ( OTT 2nd )
(RIT 2nd )
3. Shahid Ahmad Mir
( BMLS 6 th)


Department of MLS , RIT and OTT organised a expert talk on Fatty Liver on 16/02/23 by Dr. Jagdeep Singh, DM Gastroenterologist Fortis Escort Hospital Amritsar.
Department of MLS , RIT and OTT organised a expert talk on Fatty Liver on 16/02/23 by Dr. Jagdeep Singh, DM Gastroenterologist Fortis Escort Hospital Amritsar.
He discussed about Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver disease (NAFLD) which is a disorder characterized by the excess accumulation of fat in hepatocytes in about 40% of individuals. A subset of patients can develop progressive fibrosis, which can progress to cirrhosis.
He also advised about the habbit of daily exercise for atleast 20-30 minutes.
Dietary habbits also contribute in the cause of fatty liver. He advised to take three regular meals per day including 3-4 liters of water.
There are many causes of Fatty Liver and one of them is deficiency of Vitamin – D. To overcome the deficiency of vitamin – D, he advised the audience to take morning sun bath.
Dr. Jagdeep Singh’s lecture on Fatty liver was very knowledgeable and was very useful for everyone especially students.
At the end there was an interaction session and students asked my question related to the topic which were satisfactorily answered by the learned speaker.
The students and faculty members thanked the speaker and requested him to deliver few more lectures on similar topics.
The lecture was highly appreciated by the faculty and students.