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naacNAAC (National Assessment & Accreditation Council) Accreditation to Education System at Global Group of Institutes.

Global Group of Institutes- Amritsar, Engineering Wing has been accredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council, for a period of 5 years in November 2016.
Education plays a vital role in the development of any nation. Therefore, there is a premium on both quantity (increased access) and quality (relevance and excellence of academic programmes offered) of higher education. The NAAC has been set up to facilitate the volunteering institutions to assess their performance vis-a-vis set parameters through introspection and a process that provides space for participation of the institution.
Benefits of Accreditation
NAAC Accreditation Facilitates:
1. Identification of internal areas of planning and resource allocation.
2. Collegiality on the campus.
3. Funding agencies look for objective data for performance funding.
4. Institutions to initiate innovative and modern methods of pedagogy.
5. Institution to know its strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities through an informed review process.
6. New sense of direction and identity for institutions.
7. The society look for reliable information on quality education offered.
8. Employers look for reliable information on the quality of education offered to the prospective recruits.
Intra and inter-institutional interactions.

National_Board_of_AcNBA Accreditation of Global Group of Institutes – NBA Accredited Programme at Engineering wing

The purpose of the accreditation by NBA is to promote and recognize excellence in technical education in colleges and universities—at both the undergraduate and post graduate levels. Accreditation is market-driven and has an international focus. It assesses the characteristics of an Institution and its programmes against a set of criteria established by National Board of Accreditation. Institutions, students, employers and the public at large all benefit from the external verification of quality provided through NBA accreditation process.
They also benefit from the process of continues quality improvement that is encouraged by NBA’s developmental approach to promote excellence in technical education through accreditation, the following main purposes may be served:
1. Support and advice to technical Institutions in the maintenance and enhancement of their quality of provision.
2. Confidence and assurance on quality to various stakeholders including students.
3. Assurance of the good standing of an Institution to government departments and other interested bodies.
4. Enabling an Institution to state publicly that it has voluntarily accepted independent inspection and has satisfied all the requirements for satisfactory operation and maintenance of quality in education
Benefits to Students:
Students studying in NBA accredited Institutions can be assured that they will receive education which is a balance between high academic quality and professional relevance and that the needs of the corporate world are well integrated into programmes, activities and processes. It signifies that he has entered the portals of an Institution, which has the essential and desirable features of quality professional education.