Global Group of Institutes is moving towards higher and loftier goals, to reiterate and reinforce the unflinching commitment to prepare a new generation of responsible, young technocrats who can be torch-bearers of communication and can carry the onus of nation building to its fruitful culmination. Surpassing all the engineering and management colleges of the state, several students of Global Group of Institutes have won the gold medals by achieving the top positions in the Punjab Technical University, Kapurthala.

It is rare achievement for the city of Amritsar – Since the inception of Global Group of Institutes in 2008, The institute has created history by capturing the top positions in University examination of Punjab Technical University.

The followings are our top and merit positions:
Name Class Session University Position
Amanjot Kaur BTECH (CSE) April 2014 1
Sapinderjit Kaur BTECH (IT April 2014 1
Mandeep Kaur MCA April 2014 1
Aanchal Madaan MCA April 2014 2
Rajatdeep Kaur BTECH CHEMISTRY April 2014 3
Abhishek Sachdeva BTECH (ME) April 2014 4
Rajwinderpal Kaur BTECH (CSE) April 2014 5
Sandeep Kaur BTECH (IT) April 2014 5
Shaila Shafi BTECH (CSE) April 2014 6
Sandeep Kaur BTECH (IT) April 2014 6
Ramanpreet Kaur BTECH (CSE) April 2014 7
Chailpreet Kaur BTECH (IT) April 2014 7
Samriti Seth BSC (ATHM) April 2014 8
Danish Mahajan BTECH (CSE) April 2014 8
Tania Bhalla BTECH (IT) April 2014 8
Ravi Thukral BTECH (ME) April 2014 8
Himanshu Mehra BSC (ATHM) April 2014 9
Chetan Luthra BSC (HMCT) April 2014 9
Ajay Pal Singh BTECH (ME) April 2014 9
Lovepreet Singh BSC (HMCT) April 2014 10
Aanchal Madaan MCA Dec 2013 1
HEMANT ARORA B.Tech.(ECE) Dec 2013 2
Ravinder Kaur B.Tech.(ECE) Dec 2013 2
Sapinderjit Kaur B.Tech.(IT) Dec 2013 4
Preeti Kumari B.Tech.(IT) Dec 2013 4
VIKAS BAKSHI B.Tech.(ECE) Dec 2013 5
Sandeep Kaur B.Tech.(IT) Dec 2013 5
Tania Bhalla B.Tech.(IT) Dec 2013 5
Annie Ahuja MCA Dec 2013 5
Shaila Shafi B.Tech.(CSE) Dec 2013 7
Chailpreet Kaur B.Tech.(IT) Dec 2013 7
Aashima Arora MBA Dec 2013 7
Ambica Sood B.Tech.(IT) Dec 2013 9
Nandini Kumari MCA Dec 2013 9
Priyanka Handa MCA Dec 2013 9
Sukhman kaur MBA Dec 2013 10
Rajwinder Kaur MCA Dec 2013 10
Sapinderjit Kaur B Tech (IT) 4th Sem May 2013 1ST
Sandeep Kaur B Tech (IT) 4th Sem May 2013 2ND
Sandeep Kaur B Tech (IT) 4th Sem May 2013 6TH
Ambica Sood B Tech (IT) 4th Sem May 2013 10TH
Ravi Thukral B Tech(ME) 4th Sem May 2013 3RD
Ramneet Kaur B Tech (CSE) 4th Sem May 2013 9TH
Preeti Kumari B Tech (IT) 6th Sem May 2013 2ND
Annie Ahuja MCA 2nd Semester April-2012 1st
Ravneet Kaur B.Tech.(CSE) 2nd Semester April-2012 1st
Amanjot Kaur B.Tech.(CSE) 3rd Semester Dec-2011 1st
Shayamal Kathuria B.Tech.(IT) 3rd Semester Dec-2011 1st
Vishal Sareen B.Tech.(ECE) 7th Semester Dec-2011 1st
Amanjot kaur Randhawa B.Tech.(IT) 7th Semester Dec-2011 1st
Navneet Kaur B.Tech.(IT) 5th Semester Dec-2011 1st
Annie Ahuja MCA 1st Semester Dec-2011 1st
Ankita Bansal B.Tech.(CSE) 6th Semester May-2011 1st
Amanjot kaur Randhawa B.Tech.(IT) 6th Semester May-2011 1st
Tamanna Mehta B.Tech(CSE)5th  Semester Dec-2010 1st
Meenu Dhiman MBA 1st  Semester Dec-2010 1st
Aditi Goel B.Tech(CSE) 4th  Semester May-2010 1st
Jasjit Kaur B.Tech(IT) 4th  Semester May-2010 1st
Abhishek Mehra MBA 1st   Semester Dec-2009 1st
Annie Ahuja MCA 3rd Semester Dec-2012 2nd
Navneet Kaur MBA 2nd Semester April-2012 2nd
Sapinderjit Kaur 2nd Semester April-2012 2nd
Jasjit Kaur B.Tech.(IT) 7th Semester Dec-2011 2nd
Simranpreet Kaur B.Tech.(IT) 5th Semester Dec-2011 2nd
Harpreet Kaur B.Tech.(CSE) 3rd Semester Dec-2011 2nd
Amanjot Kaur B.Tech.(CSE) 2nd Semester May-2011 2nd
Chakshu Malhotra 5th Semester Dec-2011 3rd
Sandeep Kaur B.Tech.(IT) 7th Semester Dec-2011 3rd
Aditi Goel B.Tech.(CSE) 6th Semester May-2011 3rd
Jasjit Kaur B.Tech.(IT) 6th Semester May-2011 3rd
Tamanna Mehta B.Tech(CSE)4th  Semester May-2010 3rd
Ankita Bansal B.Tech(CSE)5th  Semester Dec-2010 3rd
Jasjit Kaur B.Tech(IT)5th  Semester Dec-2010 3rd
Chakshu Malhotra B.Tech(IT)3rd   Semester Dec-2010 3rd
HARPREET KAUR 5th Semester Dec-2012 4th
Jasmeen Sandhu MCA 4th Semester April-2012 4th
Ramit Sharma B.Tech.(ME) 3rd Semester Dec-2011 4th
Meenu Dhiman MBA 3rd Semester Dec-2011 4th
Sheral Kalsi B.Tech(IT)5th  Semester Dec-2011 4th
Sandeep kaur B.Tech.(IT) 6th Semester May-2011 4th
Prabhjot Bhumra MBA 1st  Semester Dec-2011 4th
Parul Aggarwal B.Tech(ECE) 3rd  Semester Dec-2010 4th
Sapinderjit Kaur B.Tech(IT) 3rd Semester Dec-2012 5th
Abhishek Sachdeva B.Tech.(ME) 3rd Semester Dec-2011 5th
Abhishek Mehra MBA 4th Semester May-2011 5th
Ravneet Kaur B.Tech.(IT) 3rd Semester Dec-2011 5th
Tamanna Mehta B.Tech.(CSE) 6th Semester May-2011 5th
Aditi Goel B.Tech(CSE) 5th  Semester Dec-2010 5th
Sandeep Kaur B.Tech(IT) 5th  Semester Dec-2010 5th
Harmeet Kaur MCA 2nd Semester April-2012 6th
Lovepreet Kaur B.Tech.(CSE) 3rd Semester Dec-2011 6th
Navneet Kaur MBA 1st Semester Dec-2011 6th
Gagandeep Kaur MBA 4th Semester May-2011 6th
Silvia Mahajan MBA 1st  Semester Dec-2010 6th
Vishal Sareen B.Tech(ECE) 4th  Semester May-2010 6th
Shikha Kapoor MBA 1st  Semester Dec-2009 6th
Sandeep Kaur B.Tech.(IT) 3rd Semester Dec-2012 7th
Deepika Kumari B.Tech.(CSE) 3rd Semester Dec-2011 7th
Winnie Khanna B.Tech.(IT) 5th Semester Dec-2011 7th
Aritika Mehrotra MBA 4th Semester May-2011 7th
Isha Naulay MBA 1st  Semester Dec-2009 7th
PREETI KUMARI Semester Dec-2012 8th
Shikha Kapoor MBA 4th Semester May-2011 8th
Shikha Kapoor MBA 3rd  Semester Dec-2010 8th
Amanjot Kaur B.Tech(IT) 5th  Semester Dec-2010 8th
Parul Aggarwal B.Tech(ECE) 2nd  Semester May-2010 8th
AANCHAL MADAAN MCA 1st Semester Dec-2012 9th
Tania Sachdeva B.Tech.(CSE) 2nd Semester April-2012 9th
Sandeep Kaur B.Tech.(CSE) 2nd Semester April-2012 9th
Shiv Kumar MCA 1st Semester Dec-2011 9th
Malkiat Singh B.Tech.(IT) 5th Semester Dec-2011 9th
Ritika Bansal MBA 1st  Semester Dec-2011 9th
Amritpal Singh B.Tech.(ME) 5th Semester Dec-2011 9th
Shama Kapoor MBA 1st Semester Dec-2010 9th
Ranjit Singh B.Tech(CSE) 3rd  Semester Dec-2010 9th
Hirdeypal Singh B.Tech(ECE) 7th Semester Dec-2012 10th
Nancy Manan MCA 4th Semester April-2012 10th
Prabhdeep Kaur B.Tech.(IT) 5th Semester Dec-2011 10th
Amandeep Kaur B.Tech.(IT) 5th Semester Dec-2011 Dec-2011
Ranjit Singh B.Tech.(CSE) 5th Semester Dec-2011 Dec-2011
Jasmeen Sandhu MCA 3rd Semester Dec-2011 10th
S.No. Name Class
1. Charanjit Nanda MCA
2. Munish Gupta MCA
3. Annie Ahuja MCA
4. Parasdeep Singh B.Tech. (CSE)
5. Jagroop Singh MCA
6. Payal Fotra B.Tech. (CSE)
7. Nayayjeet Sharma B.Tech. (CSE)
8. Sheetal Sharma CSE
9. Rahul Mehta B.Tech. (CSE)
10. Rakesh Arora B.Tech. (CSE)
11. Vishal Hastir B.Tech. (CSE)
12. Shaina Bhatia B.Tech. (CSE)
13. Ravneet Kaur B.Tech. (IT)
14. Parul Dhawan B.Tech. (CSE)
15. Sandeep Singh B.Tech. (CSE)
16. Shitika MCA
17. Vishvasta Sharma B.Tech. (IT)
18. Lovepreet Kaur B.Tech. (CSE)
19. Isha B.Tech. (CSE)
20. Kunal Mehra B.Tech. (CSE)
21. Vandana Sharma B.Tech. (CSE)
22. Shubham Kumar B.Tech. (CSE)
23. Gurbaksh Rai MCA
24. Harmanpreet Singh B.Tech. (CSE)
25. Preeti Kumari B.Tech. (IT)
26. Jasmeen Kaur B.Tech. (CSE)
27. Mahdeep Jyot Singh CSE
28. Bindu Sharma CSE
29. Maninder Pal Singh CSE
30. Ayushi MCA
31. Manpreet Kaur B.Tech. (CSE)
32. Abhishek Maini B.Tech. (CSE)
33. Bikramjit Singh MCA
34. Neha Sehdev MCA
35. Shyamal Kathuria B.Tech. (IT)
36. Rajwinder Pal Kaur CSE
37. Anuj Saini B.Tech. (CSE)
38. Nikhita Bansal MCA
39. Jasmine Kaur B.Tech. (CSE)
40. Sumit Patni B.Tech. (IT)
41. Ujala Sinha B.Tech. (IT)
42. Hitesh Sharma CSE
43. Neha Julka MCA
44. Amit Sharma MCA
45. Lakshmi MCA
46. Manisha Handa CSE
47. Nidhi Sharma CSE
48. Gagandeep Kaur B.Tech(IT)
49. Navneet kaur B.Tech(IT)
50. Sahil Arora B.Tech(IT)
51. Chakshu B.Tech(IT)
52. Jatinder Singh MCA