Conferences/ Workshops

National Seminar On Mobile Application Development using open source

Tech-Craft-Corps Club of Department of Computer Applications of Global Institute of Management & Emerging Technologies organized One-Day National Seminar on “Mobile Application Development Using Open Source” on 20th Feb 2018. Er. Vishal Khanna, Google certified trainer from DIPS Institute of Management & Technology, Jalandhar was the expert of the seminar. In his first interactive session he gave thorough information about Android, its Features, Android Versions, Android Devices, Android Architecture, Android Market, Play Store, Android IDE’s, Hello World Application, Android GUI, Android Activity, XML and JAVA used in Android, Toast, Intent and Action Listener. In his 2nd Technical Session he discussed about weighting and taught development of an Android Application (Calculator). The talk was very informative and was appreciated by the audience.

National Workshop on “Internet of Things”

Department of Computer Applications of Global Institutes organized One Day National Workshop on “Internet of Things” on 5th March 2018. First Technical Session was taken by Dr. Pankaj Deep Kaur, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, Guru Nanak Dev University Regional Campus, Jalandhar on “IOT- A Catalyst for the Smarter World”. She initiated her talk by introducing definition of IOT with alternative examples, need of IOT, how this technology is being used in day-to-day life, important aspects of IOT, association between Big Data and IOT.Second Technical Session was taken by Dr. Sandeep Sood, Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering from Guru Nanak Dev University Regional Campus, Gurdaspur. He gave an illuminating talk on"Emerging trends in Internet of Things". In his address, he explained the concept of IOT with examples, architecture of IOT, security issues and applications of IOT and various research challenges in IOT. In both technical sessions, the student actively participated and interacted with the speakers and raised a number of issues pertaining to the topics. Overall the workshop was a great success and well appreciated by the students and faculty members. Dr. Leena Jain, organizing Secretary of the Event, thanked the guests and said that this workshop will augment the research orientation of the participants and will also provide exposure to enhance the quality of research.

Workshop on “LAN Devices”

Tech-Craft-Corps Club of Department of Computer Applications of Global Institute of Management & Emerging Technologies, Amritsar organized a Workshop on “LAN Devices” on 12th Feb 2018 for faculty members, MCA & BCA students. The expert for the session was Mr. Nishant Kumar, Network Administrator, Dream Tech Labs Jalandhar. Students learnt about networking devices (hub, switch, router, NIC, modem), IP classes and IP addressing (private and public), guided media i.e. twisted pair, coaxial, fiber optic, how to prepare straight and cross cable, working of CISCO Packet Tracer and how to make different networks i.e. LAN, MAN, WAN using Cisco Packet Tracer. The Workshop was a great success and well appreciated by the students and faculty members.

National Workshop on Role of Wireless Communication in Smart City

The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organized PTU sponsored National Workshop on “Role of Wireless Communication in Smart City”. More than hundred research scholars and students participated in this workshop. Dr. Ravinder Singh Sawhney, HOD ECE from Guru Nanak Dev University delivered an expert talk on Wireless Communication in Smart City. He explored different future challenges in the wireless communication in Smart City. Dr. Anu Sheetal, HOD ECE from Regional Campus Guru Nanak Dev University, Gurdaspur shared knowledge on wireless networks in smart city. In the evening session Er.Kapil Bhutani from Telcocrats Technologies,Chandigarh shared practical knowledge about Virtual Imagination and Internet of Thing which are used in smart city. The aim of this workshop was to bring together researchers & engineers in emerging wireless technology used in smart city.

One Day National seminar on “Cyber Crimes & Security Threats in Digital World” on 1st September 2017.

Department of Computer Applications of Global Institute of Management & Emerging Technologies organized One Day National seminar on “Cyber Crimes & Security Threats in Digital World” on 1st September 2017. First Technical Session was taken by Dr. Hardeep Singh, Professor, Department of Computer Science, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar on “Cyber Crimes: Current Status & Challenges”. Second Technical Session was taken by Dr. Maninder Singh Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering from Thapar University Patiala. Dr. Singh gave an exhilarating talk on "First Line of defense: My PASSWORD".

One Day National Workshop on “Embedded System” on 17th August 2017.

Department of Computer Applications of Global Institute of Management organized one Day National Workshop on “Embedded System” on 17th August 2017. First Technical Session was taken by Dr. Manjit Singh Bhamrah, Professor (Electronics and Communication Engineering), Punjabi University, Patiala on “Introduction to Embedded System & Microcontroller”. Second Technical Session was taken by Dr. Mandeep Singh Senior Faculty from Thapar University Patiala. Dr. Singh gave an exhilarating talk on WIRELESS EMBEDDED SYSTEMS FOR HEALTH MONITORING.

One day Hands on workshop on “Unity Programming

” organized by department of CSE/IT on 14th October 2016 in association with Sach Tech Solutions, Mohali. Er.Jaspal Kumar expert explained the importance and carrier opportunities with application development and games development with Unity in today’s world. He explained the working and features of unity Simulator “UNITY”.

Workshop on Mechatronics System Design for Robotics

Electrocrats Club of Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organized a workshop on “Mechatronics System Design for Robotics “ on 28.09.2016.This workshop included a hands-on practice on Open Loop Manual Controlled Pneumatic Robotics Arm. The budding engineers of ECE department came to know about the various principles, functionality and working methodology of the Robots. In this workshop , In hands on session, they worked on open loop Manual Controlled Pneumatic Robotics Arm.

Workshop on Mechatronics System Design for Robotics

Electrocrats Club of Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organized a workshop on “Mechatronics System Design for Robotics “ on 28.09.2016.This workshop included a hands-on practice on Open Loop Manual Controlled Pneumatic Robotics Arm. The budding engineers of ECE department came to know about the various principles, functionality and working methodology of the Robots. In this workshop , In hands on session, they worked on open loop Manual Controlled Pneumatic Robotics Arm.

Workshop on‪ “Internal‬ ‪ Quality‬ ‪‎Assurance‬

2nd workshop on ‪ Internal‬ ‪ Quality‬ ‪‎Assurance‬ was organized today at ‪ ‎Global institutes‬. The main objective of this ‪ ‎workshop‬ was to discuss the methods which are helpful in increasing the effectiveness of internal quality management.

Expert Lecture on "Evolution in Electronics and Communication Engineering

The Electrocrates Club of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organized a guest lecture on "Evolution in Electronics and Communication Engineering" . The learned scholar, Dr Ravinder Singh Sawhney, Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication engineering, GNDU, enlightened the students and the faculty on the key developments in electronics and its application which brought about revolutionary transformations in the modern world.

PTU Sponsored FDP on Emerging Trends in Artifical Intelligence

Department of Computer Science & Engineering organized PTU Sponsored One week Faculty Development Programme on "Emerging Trends in Artificial Intelligence". The main focus of FDP was to explain knowledge representation, problem solving and learning methods of Artificial Intelligence and its applications.

Workshop on Futuristic Developments in Robotics and Embedded Systems

The Electronics & Communication Engineering Department of Global Institutes, Amritsar organized 3-day workshop on "Futuristic Developments in Robotics and Embedded Systems" for its faculty and students. The three day workshop was conducted by Mr. Ashish Sethi and his team from EESPL, Chandigarh.

The team worked with the students to develop 3 fully working Robots -FIRO ROBO, MARSIAN ROBO and JCBIAN ROBO. FIRO ROBO is a prototype of an unmanned Robot machine which is used to extinguish fire. MARSIAN ROBOT is based on the prototype of a Mars vehicle launched by NASA for collecting some useful information from planet Mars. JCBIAN ROBO is the prototype of the real time machine i.e. Earth mover. It is a major construction and agriculture equipment. JCBIAN Robo is very helpful for working hazardous, challenging condition where its almost impossible for humans to reach. Apart from the very interesting practical work in the lab, the different sessions held during these three days focussed on the basics of robotics, its applications, input/ output devices interfacing and its need, programmes with stepper motor and its applications.

International Conference on Communication, Information & Computing Technology (ICCICT-15)

A Two-Day "International Conference on Communication, Information and Computing Technology" (ICCICT-2015) was organized by the Department of Computer Applications and Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The Conference saw more than 250 quality research submission by research scholars of a large number of Technical Institutes and Universities from all over the country and abroad. Keynote speakers Dr. Deepak Garg- Professor Deptt. of Computer Science-Thapar University Patiala and and Dr. D. Dinakar from NIT Warangal delivered their talk on "Web Intelligence" and "Intensity Modulated Fiber Optic Loop Vibration Measurement" respectively. Eight sessions were held on Day-1 and the remaining 8 on Day-2. Many papers on hot contemporary research areas like Data Mining, Big Data, Mobile and Pervasive Computing, Cloud Computing, Genetic Algorithms were animatedly discussed and debated. New ideas, concepts and theories on various cutting edge technologies were heatedly discussed across various technical sessions.

PTU Sponsored Seminar On Current Trends in Big Data & Text Analysis

Department of Computer Applications organized one Day National Seminar on “Current Trends in Big Data & Text Analysis” on 20th April 2015. First Technical Session was taken by Dr. Sahil Raj from Punjabi University Patiala on “Big Data and Big Data Analytics”. Second Technical Session was taken by Dr. Madhu Kumari Assistant Professor, NIT Hamirpur on “Text Analytics in Social Media”.


The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organized National Workshop on Optical Wireless Communication on 5 Jan, 2015. More than hundred research scholars and students participated in this workshop. Dr. M.L. Singh, HOD ECE from Guru Nanak Dev University delivered an expert talk on Optical Fiber Communication. He explored different future challenges in the Fiber Optic Technology. Dr. Rajinder Sahni, Prof. from Guru Nanak Dev University shared knowledge on wireless sensor network & routing algorithms. The aim of this workshop was to bring together researchers & engineers in emerging wireless & optical communication system.


TMr. Mukul Sharma, Head, Business Transformation, Tata Consultancy Services, USA shared his vast experience and views on "Technology Enabled Business Transformation". Known for driving results in matrix organizations with direct and indirect resources using effective communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, team building, problem solving and analytical skills, Mr. Mukul Sharma observed that success in any profession depends on having strong fundamental skills. Teachers must help their students to acquire them. Referring to the new face of business in the world, he opined that the latest applications of technology have brought a total change in all aspects of business operations. Modern business has become more business like and professional thanks to the advances in technology.


Two- day National Conference on "Inter- Disciplinary Research in Engineering Technology & Management" was organized at Global Institutes, Amritsar on 17 & 18 December 2014. The Conference brought together reputed researchers, professionals and academicians having expertise in their respective fields. More than 100 scholars from different Universities and Colleges across India presented their research papers in this conference. On the first day of the Conference there were three stimulating expert talks by Mr. Ranjan Vasisht, Ex DGM, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., Dr. S.P. Singh, Dean Academic & Dean R & C, NIT Jalandhar, and Dr. Ajay Gupta, Associate Professor, NIT Jalandhar. Their scholarly discourses generated serious deliberations amongst the elite audience that had assembled from all over India in the State- of – the- Art Global Auditorium. In his very informative and well- illustrated scholarly discourse, Dr. S.P. Singh dwelled on the basic concepts for building safe non- engineered structures in Earthquake prone zones. He focused on various effects of Earthquake on different types of buildings from the traditional to the most modern high- rise buildings in metropolitan cities. In his concluding part, he described in detail the various design parameters which must be met for making masonry structures earthquake resistant. Dr. Ajay Gupta delivered a talk on the "Theory of Constraint". He discussed the broad areas related to theory of constraint, the problems in the system due to the wrong measurement system, the different types of constraints and the methods of improving the system to enhance the production. Dr. Ranjan Vasisht talked about Operations Management in manufacturing as well as service industry. Briefly outlining the history of Operations Management since Greek times to industrial revolution, he observed that the concepts of mass production and six sigma have shown that there is always scope for improvements in whatever we are doing. On the second day of the Conference there were four technical sessions which were chaired by Professor D.S. Bhambra, Dr. Leena Jain and Professor Mr. M. Daniel Raj Kumar and Professor A. Anbu both from SRM University, Chennai.


Global Polytechnic College, Amritsar organized Workshop on C and CPP ( Comppicuter Programming Skills Basics ) with course material provided by the Talk To A Teacher Project at IIT Bombay.A comprehensive set of tos pertaining to C and CPP were covered in the workshop. This Workshop cum Training is offered by the Spoken Tutorial Project, IIT Bombay, funded by National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, Govt. of India.


Department of Computer Applications and Information Technology organized one Day National Seminar on 31st October 2014. The objective of seminar was to raise the awareness of the faculty and Students to the problems of information revelation by studying the amount and type of information disclosed by users of Social Networking Sites, to provide information regarding the privacy and Security threats to the developers for improvement and to provide better security mechanisms and guidelines to users. First Session of the Seminar was taken by Dr. Anil Verma DCSE from Thapar University Patiala. Dr. Verma delivered an expert talk on the topic of the Seminar– " Optimal and Effective use of social Networking Sites". He initiated his talk by underlining the importance of Internet Media and then described the concept of social networks. Dr. Verma also touched upon the SWOT Analysis of the social networking aspect. The functioning of the major social networking sites such as –Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Myspace were discussed. Dr. Verma highlighted about the use of these social networking sites for academic purpose. Further, the students were made aware about the idea of how to create and manage a social networking site. In the end, the basics of netiquettes and precautionary measures to be taken while surfing these sites were also discussed. The talk was very timely and well appreciated by the audience.


The Department of Applied Sciences Global Institutes, Amritsar organized one day seminar on the topic "Ecology, Society, Role of Youth in Conservation". The objective of this seminar was to make the students aware about the deteriorating condition of the environment of Punjab, the land of five rivers. Well known environmentalist Sh. Umendra Dutt, Executive Director of Kheti Virasat Mission was the key note speaker. In his address, Sh. Umendra Dutt expressed serious concerns about "drinking water crisis in Punjab", "effect of excessive use of pesticides on human beings" and "the alarming rise in the cancer patients" in the Malwa region of Punjab. His fears were: "Are we heading towards a dying civilization in Punjab?" He said there is urgent need to spearhead a people's movement to check this damning problem through high profile awareness campaign at all levels of the society. He strongly advocated organic farming to diminish the over use of cancer producing pesticides on food crops.The expert speaker of the second session of the seminar was reputed social activist and anti- tobacco campaigner Mr. Hemant Goswami. Known to be the most vociferous voice for banning tobacco, W.H.O. awardee Mr. Goswami is credited with creating the first smoke free city in India. Mr. Goswami's is motivational interactive dialogue with the students generated lot of interest. He told them how he single handed started campaigning against smoking of cigarettes in public places. But after a few initial hiccups, he was able to get support of the vast silent majority through persistent efforts and the governments had to pass legislations to ban this terrible health hazardous practice from public places. The third session of the seminar was addressed by Ms. Mary Gauwitz, CEO, Editha House, a hospital for cancer patients, Phonenix, Arizona, USA. She focused on the idea of community support for the cancer patients. When people join heads and hearts for such a noble mission, much of their suffering can be mitigated. The students held an exhibition of poster competition, recycling models and rangoli competition on the environment related topics, which were found to be highly creative by the visiting experts.


ECE and CSE department of Global Institutes organized a two day workshop on "Network Simulator-2 " from 16-17 Oct, 2014. Expert trainers were Mr. Umesh Yadav, Vimal Diixit and Mr. Ashwani from NEX-G Institute, Noida who shared their useful experience and valuable knowledge with the students. The objective of this workshop was to introduce world of wired and wireless network and its simulations. The students were able to learn the implementation of routing , security and energy efficient algorithms. Step by step interactive session, computer generated presentations, practical coding session and case study was discussed.


Mr. Vinayak Shankar Gogate, Asst Gen Manager (Crash Safety) Tata Motors visited Global Institutes, Amritsar for an interactive session with our ME students on the topic of Crash Safety Technology. During his interaction with the ME students he focuses on areas like passive safety, regulatory compliance, crash test dummies & injury bio mechanics. While interacting he appreciated the enthusiasm of participating students and told them to take initiatives for promoting crash safety techniques among the society.

IIT-Kharagpur Professor delivers Seminar on “Research Initiatives in Engineering Education” at Global Institutes

Global Institutes took yet another initiative towards giving an impetus to research initiative in engineering education by organizing a seminar on this topic. The resource person for the seminar was Dr. M.K. Tiwari, Professor in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, IIT-Kharagpur. Prof. Tiwari is a great academician having more than 25 years of teaching and research experience and has contributed more than 175 high quality research papers in reputed International Journals. In a highly inspiring talk, Dr Tiwari shared his own experiences to dwell on the benefits of research oriented teaching right from Undergraduate level.

While delivering the seminar, Dr. Tiwari emphasized the need for creative and innovative Teaching-Learning process and said that in order to bring out quality research in engineering education, we must focus on inculcating and developing research oriented minds so that the engineering graduates take up research as their career and contribute towards development of the nation. He further emphasized that undergraduate and postgraduate students must be given industry related live projects so that the students can come up with novel ideas to solve the real life industrial problems.

Dr. Arvind Bhardwaj, Director, Global Institutes said that Global Institutes has taken the rare initiative of providing its students with opportunities to fabricate the innovative rojects which can contribute towards upliftment of society in general.
Dr. Akashdeep Singh, Vice Chairman of Global Institutes said that we will continue to take the series of organizing seminars and workshops ahead so that the latest knowledge in the field of engineering & management is disseminated to the students.

Global Institutes organized Seminar on E-Foundry

In order to bridge the gap between the Industry and the Institutes and also to spread the awareness about creating quality in the manufacturing processes, Global Institutes took the initiative to organize a seminar on the topic ‘E-Foundry: Casting Design and Simulation’, wherein the representatives of Industry and Academia were invited. The resource person for the Seminar was Dr. Mayur Sutaria, Co-Investigator, E-Foundry Project under National Knowledge Network Mission of Govt. of India being undertaken by IIT, Bombay. Dr. Sutaria said that India is 3rd largest producer of metal castings and Punjab has major foundry Clusters located at Batala and Mandi Gobindgarh. From 2,000 units in 1980, Batala has today less than 950 and Mandi Gobindgarh close to only 100 foundry units. He said that, first it was the global slowdown and then it is the slow pace at which we are adopting the modern manufacturing processes that accounts for this decline in industry. The country has over 5,000 foundries employing over 5 lakh workers and nearly 80% of these fall under small scale sector producing ferrous, non-ferrous, aluminium, graded cast iron and steel castings for a wide ranging applications in automobile, railways, pumps, compressors, aerospace, sanitary pipes fittings etc.

He said that in order to refine the manufacturing process, these foundries need to adopt CAD and simulation technologies. He informed the audience that to produce quality castings expected by their customers world wide, IIT Bombay has set up E-Foundry, an online learning portal under National Knowledge Network Mission which can be freely accessed at This site which contains lessons, videos, simulation examples, case studies, books and research papers etc.

Dr. Arvind Bhardwaj, Director of Global Institutes said that we will provide special training to our Faculty in the area of E-Foundry in order to gain specialization for helping the local industry. He said that our association with this E-Foundry Project will continue to move further in this direction.Dr. Akashdeep Singh, Vice Chairman of Global Institutes said that we will provide all possible support including infrastructure and experts for bridging the gap between the Industry and Academia.


Global Institutes kept its tradition of providing knowledge of cutting edge areas in the field of Engineering & Management by organizing One Day Workshop on the topic "Supply Chain Management Practices in the Modern Era-Issues & Challenges". Faculty and Students from other Institutes including far off places such as SRM University, Chennai participated in the workshop. Students of MBA, B.Com.(P) & Hotel Management from Global Institute of Management also participated in the workshop. The proceedings of the workshop started with the inaugural session followed by a Plenary Session by Dr. Arvind Bhardwaj, Director of Global Institutes. He delivered a lecture on the present day practices being followed by the industry to restructure their supply chains by better coordination using latest information technology tools. He also explained how to optimize the use of their facilities such as the outsourcing of transportation and warehouses to reduce the cost of products. Dr. Bhardwaj said that in today's cut throat competition, supply chain and logistics management has become a potent tool for minimizing the waste full expenditure and cut down the costs. Second plenary session was taken by Dr. Rajbir Singh Bhatti, who is an alumnus of IIT, Roorkee and has significant research work in the field of Supply Chain and Logistics Management to his credit. Dr. Bhatti took up the issue of managing and optimizing the global supply chains. He addressed the issues regarding how multinational companies having their plants as well as markets in the different parts of the world, could bring effectiveness in their supply chains by taking optimal decisions regarding choosing their mode of transportation for quick deliveries and also deciding about the strategic location of their plants and warehouses for optimally using their resources. Dr. Akashdeep Singh, Vice Chairman of Global Institutes said that Global Institutes would always keep its tradition of organizing such workshops and conferences for providing state-of-the-art knowledge to the students fraternity and said that Global Institutes had developed closer ties with SRM University, Chennai for exchange of students towards achieving the goal of knowledge upgradation. Prof. B.D. Sharma, Dean Academics while welcoming the delegates informed that such workshops and seminars are a regular feature at Global Institutes.


Professors and Students from GNDU, DAV College, and Global Institutes Amritsar brought laurels to the holy city by presenting their research work at International Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing & Operations Management" held at Hotel Le-Meridien, Mauritius. This is one of the rare initiatives taken by different institutes of the City towards strengthening & steering the research activities. Nidhi Kaushal, Assistant Professor, DAV College, Amritsar, presented paper on the topic "Artificial Intelligence and the Impact of Expert Systems". This paper provided an in-depth study of the Expert System Applications, Expert System Structure, & Expert System Development and Tools. Akanksha Bhardwaj, a student of B.Tech from GNDU Amritsar presented paper on "E- Waste Management – Issues and Challenges". This paper highlighted Hazards of E- waste, Need for its management & Measures taken for implementing E Waste Management Systems in India. Prof. B D Sharma from Global Institutes Amritsar presented paper on "Review of literature on microeconomic determinants of equity share prices". This study attempted to examine the relationship between different microeconomic variables. Professor Jatinder Bhalla from Global Institutes presented paper on "Study of Parameter for Bead Geometry Deposited By MAG Welding Process Using AISI 1018 Steel".

The Conference was organized jointly by Global Institutes, Amritsar and University of Mauritius. More than 100 delegated from countries such as Australia, France, Italy, U.K., USA, Malaysia, Chezk Republic, Norway, Canada, India, Mauritius, Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe, etc. presented their papers in the parallel technical sessions. Other dignitaries present during the conference were Professor H C S Rughooputh Vice Chancellor, University of Mauritius, Professor David K Harrison from Glasgow Caledonian University, U.K, Dr Samir Kumar Das, Director Dr B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology Jalandhar (India), Mr Mahomed Osman Executive Chairman, MID Commission, Mauritius and Dr Akashdeep Singh, Vice Chairman Global Institutes Amritsar (India) and Dr Arvind Bhardwaj, Director Global Institutes Amritsar.

Dr Akashdeep Singh Vice Chairman Global Institutes Amritsar during his address thanked all the Keynote Speakers who arrived from across the world. He said that this conference would go a long way in bringing the Environmental considerations to the forefront and continued to say that this conference would be an annual event to be held at different parts of the world.

Dr Arvind Bhardwaj, Chairman of the Conference ISOM-2013 & Director of Global Institutes, Amritsar, during his address painted the complete picture of Sustainable Manufacturing for the World in general and India in particular. He said that rapid industrialization and increasing standard of living has drastically increased the use of natural resources and the demand for new products. Conference concluded with a visit of all delegates to University of Mauritius where the delegates interacted with Faculty, Students and also visited different facilities such as Laboratories, Library, Workshops, and Administrative offices etc.


An eminent personality Dr. Sanjeev kumar, Scientist, Biomedical Instrumentation at CSIR-Central Scientific instruments organization enlightened ECE Students at GIMET on topic Embedded system and its Applications. "Kepping it simple" is the Whole ideology ,explained well by Dr.Sanjeev Kumar with his own signature way of expressing it. Interacting with students on the topic Embedded system and its applications turned out most valuable for final year students as they had their major projects and industrial training scheduled on their curriculum. Dr Sanjeev has been engaged in Research and development of instruments required by industry and hospitals . He developed Depth of Anaesthesia monitor, Myoelectric Arm ,Dust Mass monitor and many more..


Global Institutes, Amritsar organized a National Level Workshop cum Conference on the topic "Competitiveness in New Business World Issues & Challenges". The event was meant for students and research scholars from UG and PG courses of Engineering & Management. The 3-day event was attended by more than 300 students from various institutions across India including SRM University, Chennai and Pune Campus, NIT Jalandhar, Guru Nanak Dev University and BBKDAV College, Amritsar.

The first day of the event was meant for the workshop wherein eminent academicians were invited from renowned insntitutions to impart latest knowledge to the students. First plenary session was taken by Dr. Jagwinder Singh from Deptt. of Humanities & Management, NIT, Jalandhar. Dr. Jagwinder spoke on the present day strategies being adopted by the multinationals for providing a joyful experience to the consumers. He said that in the strategic decision making of any company, consumer should be placed as a central theme. Second plenary session was taken by Mrs. Jyoti Joshi Mitter, Head, Logistics Deptt. at Khanna Paper Mills. She dwelled on the topic "Women of Substance in the Changing Business World." She meticulously put forward the challenges being faced by the women in the present day, competitive corporate world and suggested the various means to address these complex issues. Third plenary session was taken up by Dr. Balwinder Singh, Professor & Head, Deptt. of Management, GNDU, Amritsar. He addressed the issues concerning managing the change process in the new business paradigm. He said that in today's business world, there is no other alternative before the corporate executives except to change themselves with the fast changing technology and environment. He addressed upon the need for flexibility to adapt and mould ourselves to face the tough competition. Dr. S. S. Bedi, Head, Deptt. of Humanities and Management, NIT Jalandhar, was the Guest of Honour in the Inaugural Session. In his address, Dr. Bedi emphasized the importance of such workshops and conferences for students and research scholars as they helped them to enlarge their vision.

Student delegates from different institutions across India presented their technical papers in different tracks such as "Application of IT in Industry, Mechatronics, Instrumentation & Controls, Automobile Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering, Material & Testing, Nano Technology, Application of Computers in Industry and Marketing & Sales Management."

Earlier, welcoming the experts, research scholars and students, the Vice Chairman of Global Institutes, Dr. Akashdeep Singh said that Global Institutes will continue to organize such events in future for dissemination of knowledge amongst students.

Director, Dr. Arvind Bhardwaj said that this conference has provided a platform to the students from different parts of our country to share their knowledge and experience and supplement their learning process beyond classrooms to widen their horizons.


Dr. Sandeep Sharma, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar delivered a talk on "Cloud Computing: A New Era Infrastructure" to MCA, M-Tech and B. Tech 3rd year students of the college. Dr. Sharma scholarly discussed on internet-based cloud computing, exploring the characteristics, service models, and deployment models in use today, as well as the benefits and challenges associated with cloud computing.


Mechanical Engineering Department of Global Institutes organized a Guest Lecture on CAD CAM subject on 11th Sep 2013. The main topic was Modern Techniques of CAD CAM being used in our country and at International Level.

The Guest Lecture was delivered by Mr. Dharmendra, Manager, Technical Marketing Support from CADD Centre of Chennai. The lecture was attended by the Faculty Members and the students of 3rd year ME Deptt. Mr. Dharmendra gave live demonstration of all the commands being used, how to form the difficult figures and finally, how the assembly is being done using the latest package of Solid Works.

Students and the Faculty members attending the session appreciated the use of CAD CAM in the future industry and showed keen interest to follow it up further. The session came to an end by having get-together with all members attending the session. Mr. Dharmendra also appreciated the role being played by the department and the infrastructure built by the college.


"Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind, than in the one where they sprung up."

With the same idea came to our institute Dr. Sudarshan Iyengar,Assistant Professor at IIT Ropar who is a PhD in computer science from CSA department, IISC Bangaluru. Enlighten students about the "Joy of computing and motivating them to bag them best job careers. He made it very clear how human mind gets swayed away listening to their surroundings. His favorites Quote-99% of what people say is 100% wrong 100%of what neighbours, relatives, friends say is 200% wrong inspired us to follow "Insist on yourself, never imitate".


Mr. Paramjit Singh Gill, MIBS (USA), who is working as Financial Analyst in IBM USA, visited Global Institutes on 4th April,2013 and delivered a lecture on Career Opportunities in Marketing and Finance to the students of MBA. Mr. Paramjit Singh did his Master in Business Studies(MIBS) in the year 1993 from USA .Before going to USA he worked with a company in India. He gave practical examples from daily business situations and personal life and advised the students to manage all financial assets, especially cash, very carefully. He discussed basics of Marketing and as well as Finance. The unused cash lying in the office is of no use and neither has it given any return. He gave directions to the students regarding career building. In his lecture he explained about the functioning of Finance and Marketing Departments in India and compared it with USA. Mr. Gill highlighted basic differences of these departments and also shared his views on departmental audits. He motivated the students to work hard in order to achieve success in life. ”Success in life is attained through patience, determination and practice”, he added.

Sharing his views about entrepreneurship, he encouraged the students to develop and strengthen entrepreneurial qualities, motivated and guided them to make their career as entrepreneur.

His lecture was heard with rapt attention as it included very interesting insights about USA. The objective of the lecture was to acquaint the students with the skills required for better career & personality. The Interaction session proved very useful and a number of queries regarding the job opportunities in USA of students were answered satisfactorily by the speaker. The students gained immensely from the wide experience of Mr. Gill and attained enough confidence to face challenges in life.

Welcoming him, the Vice Chairman of Global Institutes, Dr. Akashdeep Singh, appreciated Mr. Gill and advised the students to make full utilization of the knowledge which he would share with them. Earlier Prof. B.D Sharma thanked him for sparing his valuable time from a busy schedule in India for the students of Global Institutes.


Dr. Knut Sorby Professor in the Department of Production and Quality Systems, Norwegian University of Science & Technology delivered an expert talk on “Double Tuned Mass Damper for Long Boring Bars” to the senior students and Faculty of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Global Institutes on 28.03.2013. Professor Knut Sorby is an eminent researcher and academician who is handling many industry sponsored projects in Norwegian University which is ranked as top university in Norway and amongst top two hundred Universities in the World. Professor Knut discussed a theoretical model for a boring bar and dwelled on the methods for optimizing the parameters of the damper for the machining process. He observed that the optimized double mass system is verified experimentally and compared to an optimized single mass damping system. The well illustrated lecture generated great interest and curiosity in the minds of the students who asked a host of penetrating questions at the end of the session. He observed how dampers are tuned to reduce vibrations at frequencies near the first mode of vibration and he further explained that for very long boring bars, second mode of vibration can have significant amplitude. Professor Knut beautifully explained the concepts of vibration in boring tools through visual simulations generated through MATLAB software and also through the use of LABVIEW platform.

Prof. Knut Sorby also visited various departments in the Institute and observed that he was delighted to find the infrastructure here matched with any foreign University he had been.

Earlier, the Vice Chairman Dr. Akashdeep Singh introduced the learned speaker and observed that expert lectures from international scholars help the students to enlarge their intellectual vision. Director, Dr. Arvind Bhardwaj said that Global Institutes work with a global vision and will continue to invite eminent experts not only form IITs and IIMs but from the whole of world to enhance the knowledge of students. Dr. Bhardwaj thanked the Professor for having consented to give a talk to the students and Faculty of Global Institutes. They stand to benefit from such talks. He also presented a momento to the learned speaker on the occasion.


A seminar on Latest Automotive Technologies was conducted in the campus on 13th Feb 2013. The Guest Lecture was conducted by Mr. Yogesh Kalia of Medhaavi Automobile Industrial and Research Centre, Hoshiarpur. The seminar was attended by the students of 2ne, 3rdand fourth year Mechanical Engineering students. The speaker concentrated on the latest technologies being used in modern automobile industries like VVTi, CRDi, ABS, GPRS systems and Air Bag systems. The Speaker also emphasized on the technology development on the new D segment cars being introduced in India in the near future. The seminar had a great impact on the learning system of the students. The students also participated in the seminar by putting across various questions and were happy to attend the same.


A workshop on Modern Technologies adopted in Automobile Industries was conducted on 07th Mar 2013 in the college. Approximately 50 students from 3rd year Mechanical attended the workshop. The main concentration was on the CRDi system of diesel engines. Workshop covered the detailed components of the system, operation and function of each. The effect of varying parameters in form of inputs was also shown by conducting the practicals on simulators.

The external Lap Top was attached who had all the input parameters through its software. The effect on the engine was shown to the students, with the variation on each parameters. The students were also given demonstration


Mr. Ranjan Vashisht, Formerly Deputy GM, Maruti Udyog Ltd. conducted one-day seminar for B.Tech and MBA students of Global Institutes . He covered a number of areas such as motivation, communication, Japanese Culture and Lean Sigma techniques of Management. He acquainted the students with Japanese and Chinese cultures. India , Japan and China were almost at par in 1945. Where are those countries are and where are we! They have made rapid growth and progress by dint of their hard-work and commitment to duty. He explained that there are number of ways to do a thing and it is imperative for us to have flexibility in our approach and creative attitude so as to find out the new ways of doing the various activities of an organization. He also showed some video clips of various motivational movies which depicted that one can achieve everything by hard work, consistency, commitment, positive attitude and perseverance. Mr. Ranjan's lecture was listened with great concentration. He made his talk lively and entertaining with lot of practical examples. The students also responded positively to the best satisfaction of Mr.Ranjan's who was all praise for the students interest and presence of mind.

Welcoming him Dr. B.S.Chandi ( Chairman) emphasized on the need and importance of such seminars for the students. Dr. Akashdeep SinghChandi ( Vice-Chairman) also appreciated the role of such seminars which ultimately improve the personality of the students.

B.Tech and MBA students who participated in the event appreciated the efforts of Global Institute in having strong linkage with the Industry by inviting eminent speakers from the Industry and also by organizing Industrial Tours.


Dr. B M Arora Professor at IIT Mumbai delivered expert talk on "Efficient Solar Energy Devices". Professor Arora earlier worked at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research from year 1972 to 2008. He joined IIT Mumbai as Professor in Electrical Engineering in year 2008. Professor Arora did his graduation from IIT Kharagpur and MS & PhD from University of Illinois. He spoke on the topics Optoelectronic materials and devices and compound semiconductors solar cells. At the end Professor Arora gave a demonstration of the equipment developed at Bombay University for study of various characteristics of Solar Energy.


Dr. Debkumar Chakarbarti, a distinguished Ergonomical Design expert from IIT Guwahti, addressed the Faculty and students of Global Institutes, Amritsar. The learned speaker dwelled on a wide range of applications of science of Ergonomy in modern technological age with special focus on Ergonomics and Human Factors fundamentals, human compatibility factors, design ergonomics and human – product – environment interface, cognitive perception and interaction ergonomics and occupational health and safety. His lecture was heard with rapt attention as it included very interesting insights about work place environment. The professor believed that this inter – disciplinary subject is gaining popularity and has a bright future although only a few centres of higher education are offering this course now. This highly useful course of study included in its ambit principles of science, arts and technology.


Two day National Conference on ``Changing Dimension of Business: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities for the Corporate World’’ was organized in the Institute by the Department of Management Studies on March 10-11, 2012. A large number of academicians, scholars and professionals across the country participated.


Mr. Mukul Jain, Visiting Professor and SEBI Financial Education Resource Person & Management Consultant conducted a workshop on financial education for the Young Investors on March 13, 2012. Mr. Mukul Jain is a certified financial education trainer of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). This workshop was basically on financial awareness among people, so that they can make sound financial decisions. About 300 post-graduate students of MBA and M.Tech. attended this workshop. Prof. B.D Sharma-Dean Academics welcomed Mr. Mukul Jain to the institute and appreciated the SEBI for selecting our institute for this purpose. Mr. Mukul Jain assured that such workshops would be conducted in the institute in future also.


IBM officials visited Global Institutes and conducted three days technical workshop for the students under IBM Industry Academic Initiative Programme. This technical workshop was based on IBM DB2 Technology that provides technical platform to the students to help them to work with IBM live projects alongwith their academics. So as to enhance their technical skills and make them familiar with the latest and emerging technological trends that are taking place in the corporate world.


With a view to establishing a better industry & academic rapport, MCA students of Global Institutes were taken to attend a one-day workshop at Infosys Technology Ltd. Mohali. These kinds of workshops contribute a lot in increasing the competence of the students along with the academic knowledge.


Dr. Padam Nabh Vasudeva, State Coordinator of Central Govt. addressed the MBA students on "Personality Development and Career Building". The objective of workshop was to acquaint the students with the skills required for better career & personality.

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